Monday, July 2, 2012

Art has always played a significant role in my life. My desire to create and find the design and artistic layout in things has been innate. I believe art is a great outlet to express creativity, Personally art has allowed me to express myself; my thoughts, hopes, beliefs, pains, sorrows in a way where words fall short. I find relief and therapy in the ability to discover your soul and passion through a creative outlet such as painting.

My personal influences have been derived from my exposure to various artists and mediums, Salvafor Dali, Jean Michel Basquiet, Jackson Pollock and Alberto Giacomett all have created work and movements that inspire me as an artist. I typically find myself working with an abstract base that I believe comes from the inspiration of these forerunners.
Throughout my education I have been given the ability to create various types of art. From sculptures, to sodering fine silver jewelry. I have studied figure drawing, acrylic and oil painting, watercolor, art history, sculpture, printmaking, screen printing and graphic design.  Although I find myself using my creative expression to develop water based paintings, I also enjoy working with charcoal, chalk pastel and collage (mixed media).